Ari Shiff, the President and Founder of Inflection Management Inc, was asked to participate in the Opalesque 2012 Canada Roundtable sponsored by Kaufman Rossin Fund Services and Eurex. The event took place in the offices of Deloitte in Toronto, Canada on September 12th and included some of the top thought leaders in the Canadian Hedge Fund industry.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Where do Canadian hedge funds find opportunities?
  • Which strategies are still working?
  • Insights into energy company evaluation and how to invest beyond energy.
  • Scalability of Canadian hedge funds.
  • Why hedge funds will cope better with the regulatory push for increased capital requirements and collateral than traditional firms.

The transcript of the event is available by clicking on the link below. It is a fascinating inside look into the Canadian Hedge Fund industry.

Opalesque 2012 Canada Roundtable

We hope you enjoy this excellent publication.


The Inflection Team